Discover the secret to eliminating chronic knee pain without drugs, shots or surgery! In this book, you’ll learn: What to do when an X-ray, CT Scan or MRI says “nothing wrong with your knee” and you still have pain (page 21) Why the standard physical therapy approach reps and sets of leg extensions, leg curls and leg reps don’t work and what to do about it (page 35) How the current course of “pain management” no matter what your age, is leading you down a slippery slope to a knee replacement surgery (page 37 – 39) Why a natural response to pain in your body sets up the perfect conditions for you to develop arthritis in your knees (page 45 – 47) The 3 biggest misconceptions about knee pain that will keep you suffering for the rest of your life (page 51) The 3 most important tenants to permanently eliminating knee pain you must know to have strong, healthy, flexible Knees for Life (page 53).


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